Finally I  found the time to turn my website into English as well. 

It becomes obvious that my main focus had been canoe slalom for the last decades. I've been paddling for more than 20 years now and amazingly I still love it. 
The whole thing started in a paddling family. Both my parents had been paddling and did quite a lot of touring, than my older brother decided to look for something more exciting and ended up doing canoe slalom. I followed a few years later and enjoyed it straight from the beginning. We had an awesome group in our club. With a number of guys at a different age made training heaps of fun and gave me, as the youngest, the opportunity to learn from the older guys and challenge them where ever possible.

Being a junior I raced my frist international races and I was already successful. I had a tough transition into the senior team, because at that time a number of awesome paddler were around like Oliver Fix, Thomas Becker and Jochen Lettmann. Nevertheless I managed to go ahead and joined the national team in 1996 the first time. Having ups and downs I faced my worst time in 1999 where I dislocated my shoulder just a couple of weeks before the World Championships. But I mastered this as well and came back stronger than before, qualified for the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000. After an awesome season I went to the Olympics and won the race with an outstanding performance. From then my life began to change. Even though I finished my studying a year and a half later, after that I started to work and went to another Olympic Games in Athens were I became 5th.

At the end of the 2004 season I decided to retire and do something what I ever wanted to do. Me and my wife went to Australia for a bit more then a year where I studied at Sydney Uni (Master of Engineering Studies), she volunteered for the Canoeing Worlds in 2005 and we both had a great time.



Category   Men's K1
Date of birth   18th Februar 1976 in Bad Kreuznach
Martial status   married
Residence   Sydney / Australia
Occupation   Student (Master of Engineering Studies)
Club   RKV Bad Kreuznach e.V
Former home coaches   Walter Senft, Günter Brümmer
Former national coaches   Klaus Pohlen, Mirco Kümper
Paddling since   1985
Weight (kg) 71
Height (cm)   173
Hobbies   Canoeing, Biking
Sporting achievements   Olympic Gold Medal Sydney 2000
Rank 5 Olympic Games Athen 2004
  Gold Medal Uni Worlds 1998
  World Champion Teams 2002
3 x European Champion Teams
  10 x National Champion